Welcome to Analytical Solutions Australia

Analytical Solutions Australia supply and service scientific Instrumentation throughout the Oceanica area.

Oceanographic Monitoring

  • Particle counting of Tail distributions
  • Using NMR to measure surface area of suspensions
  • Foam – Froth Characterization
  • Bi-modal nano particle distributions
  • Zeta Potential with Frequency & phase analysis mode

Toxicity Monitoring

  • Simultaneous ICP-MS on microlitres of sample
  • LA – LIBS Simultaneous photonic & atomic solid sample analysis
  • Total sample prep. & analysis
  • PPB Chlorophyll A,B &C
  • High Sensitivity ICP-OES

Supercritical Fluid Separations

  • Press. & temp monitoring on all microwave vessels
  • Digests at 200bar
  • Vid. Cam on SFE vessels
  • Aerogel drying
  • Antisolvent Crystallization
  • Acid Purification

Nutrient and Wine Analysers

  • Remote seawater nutrients on-line
  • Autosampling from 30 metre depths
  • Fast dissolved oxygen with biofouling removal
  • Long term Salinity logging
  • Low ppb NH4 analysis

Autosamplers for Water

  • Complete PTFE Lid and Vessel lining
  • Gas entrainment stirrers
  • Catalyst baskets
  • Vacuum Furnace or with special atmosphere 
  • Large inert lining vessels

Microwave Digestion

  • Raw water simultaneous COD and Colour
  • On-line particle counting
  • Nutrient and analyte analysis
  • Remote seawater analysis with live updates on your PC
  • On-line nano particles