Emulsion Stability Analyser

With the ability of the Accusizer to detect micro changes in particle size distributions, it is ideal to monitor the stability of emulsions. The Accusizer uses an SPOS (Single Particle Optical Sizing) sensor. This sensor measures particles one at a time and can measure 500,000 particles in 1 minute.
The importance of emulsion droplet size was codified by the US FDA with the release of USP-729, specifying that emulsion droplet size, should not be greater than 0.05% at 5 microns. The Accusizer range of sensors conform with the measurement technique defined in USP-729, method 1 and 2.
The important feature of the Accusizer range of sensors, is that the measurement of the emulsion distribution will show the original native peak of the emulsion plus the oversizing agglomerating particles, oswald ripening. That is with an unstable emulsion, the native peak diameter will not change with time but the number of particles at that peak will decrease and at the same time the growing aggregated particles will show up in the larger particle bins. Other sensor measurements may show an average peak resulting from the data merging the original peak and agglomerated particles i.e. the native peak does not stay at the original size but a false representation is shown at a larger size.
Given the fast and accurate measurement of the emulsion size distribution by the Accusizer, it is able to establish the development of instability within the first 12 -24 hours of emulsion formation. Continuous monitoring for shelf life calculation can be setup with CFR 11 software option.
The range of PSS emulsion stability analysers can be custom designed for the type of emulsion with single or dual sensors.

Micron Dual Stability Analyser
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Nano Dual Stability Analyser
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Medical injectables and Pharmaceutical emulsions typically have mean dia...

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