Microwave Digestion Products

The Berghof microwave digestion system provides high levels of safety and innovative design with microwave digestion vessels that have patented temperature and pressure sensors on each vessel to ensure no sample loss during the microwave digestion process.

The microwave reaction vessels are made from special polymer providing greater strength and resistance compared to normal Teflon.

Microwave sample preparation is made easy by access to a large list of microwave analytical applications that have been developed in the Berghof laboratories.

With each vessel being vented into a fume-cupboard, the speedwave 4 is the preferred microwave system for digestions with dangerous acids such as Hydrofluoric Acid (HF).

A useful accessory for microwave digestion, is the BRB939 Acid Purification System.
This allows AR grade acids to be purified to Ultrapure grade at a fraction of the cost of ultra pure acids.

BSB939 Acid Purification System
Microwave Digestion » Berghof - BSB939 Acid Purification System

Provides sub-boiling of conventional, reagent grade acids, to produce ultra high purity acids for ultra trace analytical techniques such as ICP-MS at a fraction of the cost of the purchase of ultra purity acids.  

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Microwave Digestion » Berghof - Speedwave4

The Speedwave4 provides the fastest digestion throughput with the safest operation yielding the most reproducible digestions.

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