Nutrient Analysis Instruments

The AMS Systea product range specializes in nutrient measurement equipment in all applications and modes (laboratory, on-line and in-situ including marine at depth).

This includes the integrated, nutrient, continuous monitoring analyser that uploads live data to a web based repository for display on a desktop display or mobile. The complete environmental condition monitor, is self managed so that commands such as wash cycle changes, can be initiated from the desktop.

With over 40 years experience in nutrient measurement, Systea have developed a unique selection of analysers using innovative technologies such as LFA (Loop Flow Analysis), on line filtration to 0.2 microns and direct / indirect discreet analysers.

Methodologies conform to US EPA, AOAC, ASTM and ISO Standards.

Standard nutrient methods including Ammonia, Nitrate, Nitrite, Phosphate can be supplemented with a wide range of other automated colorimetric determinations such as iron, manganese, copper, nickel, arsenic, silica, boron etc,. With the addition of various digestors, the range can be further extended to include Total analyte level such as Total N, Total P, Total Pb, etc.

Methods can be provided with factory validation particularly for ammonia measurement in seawater.
The range of automated chemistry analysers includes the Discrete Analyser (DA) including either direct or indirect reading, Continuous Flow Analyser(CFA), on-line and in-situ analyzers.

Both the Easychem+ and Easychem 300:

  • use sturdy robotic sampling arms coupled with micro stepper motors to provide reliable sample and reagent transfer

  • Programmed with automatic pre and post dilution procedures.

The Easychem+ offers the lowest detection level of any DA, typically 8 times lower due to the use of a 50mm flow cell. This enables ultra low level seawater nutrient measurement.

The new release Easychem 300, has been designed to address the inability of most DAs to process multiple (up to 12) analyte analysis without sacrificing sample positions and being able to have dedicated positions for each reagent and sample blank and the large number of reagents used for the analytes.

With a fast sample throughput (300 single reagent, tests per hour) the Easychem 300 is ideal for a range of difficult applications including:
1. Water samples with varying levels of tannin background.
2. Plant sap analysis with varying chlorophyll colouring.
3. Agricultural labs with different sample extract protocols, needing to be tested in the same run.
4. Pharmaceutical urgent small batch priority over running samples.
To ensure optimum baseline measurements, special optical glass cuvettes are used.
As well as standard colorimetric tests being performed, the Easychem 300 can perform electrochem sample measurements such as pH, conductivity etc.

The CFA segmented flow analyzer is capable of multi-channel continuous flow analysis and includes options for dialysis of soils, distillation of cyanides, autodilution and selectable path-length detectors.
A special in situ unit, the Water Instrument analyZer (WIZ), is able to perform automatic nutrient analysis for up to one month at low ppb levels.

Tips for Selecting the appropriate Nutrient Analyser

Selection Criteria for a Discrete Analyser

Discrete Analyser, Easychem+
Nutrient Analysis Instruments » Systea - Discrete Analyser, Easychem+
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A fully automatic, colorimetric chemical analyser for water, wastewater,...

Discrete Analyser, Easychem300
Nutrient Analysis Instruments » Systea - Discrete Analyser, Easychem300
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The EasyChem300, is the next generation of random access discr...

FlowSys III Continuous Flow Analyser
Nutrient Analysis Instruments » Systea - FlowSys III Continuous Flow Analyser
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Flowsys is a microflow fully automated Continuous Flow Analyser (CFA) fo...

WIZ Portable In-situ Water Probe
Nutrient Analysis Instruments » Systea - WIZ Portable In-situ Water Probe
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The WIZ probe is able to be deployed for up to 30 days and measure up to...

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