Water Sampling Equipment

The range of WaterSam, sample collection equipment, is designed to be the leader in reliable water sampling equipment.
To achieve this objective, the automated samplers use a unique combination of features including:
* vacuum sample capture mechanism.
(peristaltic pump samplers can be configured but are not recommended)
* rapid & effective, fast-pulse,sample line clearance.
* sturdy X-Y distributor to provide the most economical sample collection
* conventional round(rather than wedge shaped) sample bottles providing
affordable bottle replacement & easy sample transfer.
* Stainless steel(SS304/SS316) construction for strength & longevity of
water sampler.
*Complete custom design for any application.

WaterSam water samplers include: refrigerated water autosamplers, portable refrigerated samplers, self emptying & cleaning autosamplers, special waste water auto samplers, in-field sampling equipment, water treatment plant samplers.
Autosamplers can include an accessory to lift samples from up to 20 metres depth.

Each water sampler can be configured from a large selection of sample collection bottles that can be either plastic or glass and vary in size from 0.9 to 20 litres. Different size bottles can be included in a common sample tray.

Accessories available include GSM , SMS and data communication, parameter (pH,Conductivity,DO etc.)measurement at time of sample collection.

Fully automated discharge stations are available that monitor tanker discharges (see 'On-line monitoring).

Self-emptying & cleaning autosampler
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Water Lift Sonde
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Watersampler Stationary composite self emptying
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Self-emptying and self-cleaning Water Sampler with X-distributor Vacuum ...

Watersampler, portable, cooling
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Watersampler, Stationary  X-Y Direct
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Watersampler, Stationary Faeko
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Watersampler, Stationary In-Line
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Samplers, customized according to the customer’s specific sampling...

Watersampler,Stationary wall mount
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Wall mounted Water Sampler no heating no cooling for sampling from two d...