Goldschmidt 2019 Barcelona

Fri - 6/09/19

At Goldschimdt 2019 in Barcelona, Spain, Applied Spectra presented the most advanced and comprehensive LA product portfolio with cutting-edge analytical capabilities for your next generation geochemical research. Their products are powered by solid state, excimer gas, and ultrafast femtosecond pulse lasers. And many of Applied Spectra's LA products provide Tandem LA – LIBS capability for performing simultaneous LA-ICP-MS and LIBS measurements.

• J200 Tandem LA–LIBS Instrument – Solid state laser (213 and 266 nm) instrument with on-board LIBS detector. Perform isotope analysis at trace level together with lighter, organic (C, H, O, & N) and halogen elements (F & Cl) with LIBS. 
• RESOlution – Cutting-edge excimer gas LA for tough geological samples with minimum fractionation
• J200 Femto Tandem LA – LIBS Instrument – ultimate precision performance for LA-ICP-MS and LIBS delivered by ultrafast laser pulses
• LA cell Innovations: FlexTM, VertexTM and S155 Lauren Technic Cell

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