NAWLA Austin 2019

Fri - 14/06/19

The North American Wokshop on Laser Ablation is a biennial meeting held in odd years with the mission to facilitate laser ablation knowledge transfer and promote community among North American laser ablation users. The workshop format includes oral presentations, moderated discussions and group workshop activities. Plenary presentations review the state-of-the-art on particular topics, identify key issues in the topic that might yield the most useful research results for the future and provide a framework for discussions at the workshop.

Applied Spectra will be at booth # L-D to discuss the exciting advances in LA instrumentation and products that provide capabilities that you have been searching to take your analytical research to the next level.

We present the following at our booth.

  • RESOlution LA Instrument – Highly recognized and proven, robust design to minimize the cost of operation and downtime
  • Lauren Technic S155 Cell – Large sampling area and best fractionation performance. Demo at our booth.
  • J200 Femto iX and QX LA Instrument – femtosecond laser pulses. High precision and accuracy. Consistent particle size distribution. Boost analytical performance in every metrics. Excellent solid sampling performance for QQQ ICP-MS, TOF-ICP-MS, HR ICP-MS, and MC-ICP-MS
  • Tandem LA – LIBS Technology – Integrate LIBS into LA instrument. Capabilities for covering elements impossible for LA-ICP-MS alone such as O, N, H, F and other halogen elements. 
  • Clarity data analysis software – Advanced elemental imaging for LA-ICP-MS and LIBS. LIBS and LA-ICP-MS data fusion. Quantitative analysis with traditional and advanced approaches. Sample classification and data correlation.

Date: May 28, 29-31, 2019

Location: Jackson School of Geosciences, University of Texas, Austin USA



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