Digestion of Volatile Metals in memory-free Digestion Vessels

Various Microwave Digestion Vessels have a history of accumulating volatile metals on the surface of the vessel with repeated microwave digestions. Quartz lined vessels are one such surface that needs special preparation to try and remove such accumulations. A special form of teflon(TFM-PTFE) has recently been successfully tested for the reproducability of volatile metals from the same microwave digestion vessel. The same microwave digestion procedure was repeated on the same vessel over 3 years. The microwave digestion involved digesting reference material, BCR-463, which had a certified value for Hg of 2.85mg/kg. Over 3 years, the microwave digestion procedure was repeated 34 times. The average value recorded was 2.66 mg/kg with an average recovery of 93.3% Refer for more information on the integrity of the Berghof TFM-PTFE microwave digestion vessels, to "Microwave Vessel Age" in the Application List.