Discharge Sampling - Load Sampling



For tanker discharge, the WaterSam AutoSam provides a complete automated discharge and sampling system.

The system comprises:

  • Driver Card reader & identification.
  • Fluidics connections, mag flow meter,conductivity/pH sensors.
  • Autosampler to take samples.
  • Driver receipt identifying discharge parameters.

Controlling parameters can be set to halt out of spec. discharges.

Samples can be held and accumulated for laboratory testing in  a refrigerated autosampler that can hold up to 35 samples. Each held discharge sample is a composite taken over the time of discharge. 

Out of spec discharges can be diverted to a special holding tank.

In line screens can remove foreign bodies from the discharge load.

With irregular discharges such as tallow, the sample collection can programmed to take a sample at the start of discharge and completion of discharge to ensure there is no stratification within the load.