High Pressure Reactors

The Berghof next generation of of High-Preactors includes an extended range of vessel sizes including very small volumes down to 25 mLs.

The extensive range of reactors can be classified into two broad groups:

  •   High Pressure: 200bar and Volumes less than 4,000mL
  •   Low Pressure: 25bar and Volumes above 1 litre through to 100 litres.

Importantly, for agressive reactants, the entire internal surface can be lined with PTFE including sealing 'O' ring. Depending on reactor vessel size,each vessel is fitted with the appropiate clamping ring or chain for quick and easy opening without the need for special tools.

  •   Construction material can be various grades of stainless steel or hastelloy.
  •   All reactor vessels are individually tested and certified.
  •   All fittings are designed to minimal dead volume.

High Pressure Reactors Products