Inductively Coupled Plasma Spectrometer

The GBC range of ICP's include the Quantima and Integra models. The Quantima is an entry level,compact bench mount model, while the Integra is a floor standing dual mono system capable of higher sample through-put with uncompromised optics yielding low detections limits. Both systems use PMT detection rather than the cheaper diode array detector. Both models can be configured with the PIP(Plasma Integrity Protection) and Plasma Camera. The PIP reduces the quartz torch melt downs which can be an expensive relacement.

The camera is another diagnostic tool that is helpful in monitoring plasma shape and intensity, particularly when applying teh view gas for low wavelength elements such as Al, P, and S. The Quantima and Integra use the GBC Supa drive which has the highest resolving power to 0.004nm. This allows the resolution of potential interfering peaks.

Each model is capable of custom configuration of the optical system with 3 gratings available:

  1. 1800 g/mm ruled (standard) resolution 0.009
  2. 1800 g/mm Holographic resolution 0.006
  3. 2400 g/mm holographic resolution 0.004.


This selection means that the best sensitivity and resolution can be built into the Integra model by having the monochromators with different gratings.