Laser Ablation Equipment

Laser Ablation Instrumentation with a selective range of laser wavelengths, power and femto or nano laser pulses to suit various applications. The J200 model offers simultaneous laser ablation and LIBS offering extended analytical performance with determination of both % level elements (LIBS) and trace elements (ICP-MS) from the same sample laser ablation. The J200 can also be configured without the LIBS facility as a cost saving option. The J200 offers:

  • UV and IR wavelengths for sufficient energy to perform consistent laser ablation at a wide range of laser spot sizes
  • Ablated particulate material sizing optimized for LA-ICP-MS analysis
  • Plasma anomalies minimized to ensure elemental data matches surface chemistry
  • Bench top compactness using micro electronics and fibre optics
  • Precise target control with fast laser pulse repetition rate, up to 1,000Hz
  • Fast throughput when using bulk analysis mode
  • Consistent laser energy with automatic sample height feedback
  • Selectable mode for laser pulsing
  • Powerful software interface with easy-to-navigate component control menu for continuous monitoring of gas flow parameters, sample stage, laser and other LA-ICP-MS sampling conditions.

Solid state laser ablation generator, delivers reliable, low cost operation with stable high energy flux. The auto-focusing surface plasma minimizes crater ridging and allows laser ablation of less than perfect flat surfaces. Nano stepper motor control on the x-y-z stage, ensures precision elemental depth profiling making it ideal for coating composition and surface abnormalities. To ensure a consistent delivery of micro sized particles , the sample cell is fitted with gas, mass flow controllers and configurable gas manifold to provide the correct gas flow rates for micro and macro sampling. The transport efficiency of the ablated particles ensures minimal deposition of laser ablated particles at the micro plasma source.