LIBS Equipment

LIBS (Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy) is a new technology for analysis of solid samples. The major appeal of LIBS is that there is very little sample preparation, that is required before the sample is ablated for analysis. This important feature is reinforced in the J200 model LIBS where the auto beam focus allows the laser to have accurate surface parameters over uneven sample surfaces. With traditional elemental analysis the greatest expense is in sample preparation, involving the time consuming steps of precise weighing out the sample followed by expensive acid digestion. LIBS analysis bypasses these steps, providing a means of fast elemental analysis of any solid sample.

The LIBS analysis is fast with:

  1. No need for vacuum drawdown.
  2. Very fast analysis time with complete periodic table measurement in seconds.


Sample type is not limited with the ability to process:

  1. Non conducting materials.
  2. Powders, polished surfaces, tablets, foil material.
  3. Micron thin coatings on substrates.
  4. Oil and solution samples


The ability to selectively analyse micron thick layers, without measuring the substrate or under-layers, makes the J200 LIBS ideal for examination of forensic material applications such as:

  1. Printing ink comparison.
  2. Composition of overlaid automotive paint layers.
  3. Micron size glass shards.


The unique LIBS features of high plasma temp.(>10,000 Deg C) and precise depth control, means that a true three dimensional image can be created of the chemical composition of any material. Applications using this process include, measuring the uniformity of a binder in a substance, geo-chronology measurements on selected minerals The J200 LIBS allows the analysis of all elements including the noble element group. The light elements such as H, Li, Be and B provide good sensitivity. The custom design of the detector allows broad spectrum simultaneous elemental analysis or high sensitivity, narrow band elemental makeup. The J200 can accommodate a dual detector configuration with both sets of sensors. The J200 is equipped with full microscope viewing of the sample. With dual view capability, it is possible to do a macro scan of the sample surface and then zoom and ablate a micron size area.

This facility is pertinent to:

  1. Chemical composition of mineral interstical material
  2. Hair follicle surface analysis.
  3. Micro imperfections in plastics
  4. Tracing growth ring composition in precipitates.


The J200 model can be upgraded to include a Laser Ablation capability for the front end of an ICP-MS. This will provide simultaneous Laser Ablation and LIBS offering extended analytical performance with determination of both % level elements(LIBS) and trace elements by ICP-MS) from the same sample laser ablation.