Oceanographic Monitoring

JFE provide an extensive range of marine and estuary data loggers and sensors. Included are the popular CTD loggers, with optional fast DO, and sensors for profiling. Fixed, long term deployments can be equiped with a range of sensors with wipers for biofouling removal to provide consistent measuremnts for long term trending. Turbidity meters and loggers come with a range of sensitivities and also wiper actions to remove biofouling. Additional channels include chlorophyll and temperature measurements. Multi channel water meters can be used for profiling water columns. JFE's most popular product is their water current meters and loggers that can be used in clean water where doppler units will not perform so well. Light and PAR loggers and meters cover a wide range and come with wipers to stop bio-fouling. JFE have released a range of fast response dissolved oxygen meters and loggers that also are equipped with wipers for removal of bio-fouling. A large number of the loggers are cabled ready products that are able to be part of a system for web based repositories.