On-Line Monitoring Equipment

On-line analysis includes most of the PSS range of particle size measurement instruments and also colorimetric determinations done by the Systea range of MicroMac analysers.

Particle Sizing Measurements:

PSS’ s success with on-line particle sizing is due to the robust sampling system that is able to take a sample from a delivery line and deliver it to the sensor system. Both extremes of concentration are covered from high concentration slurries to pristine samples such as DI water where the system is looking for very small particle counts /mL. Both nanoparticle and micron size particles can be measured either as counts/mL and as distributions over the required range. Pass/fail actions as well as upper and lower limits can be set.

Colorimetric Measurements:

Systea’s Loop flow analysis of on-line liquid streams involves isolating a sample of the liquid and conditioning in a closed loop with the required reagents. The ultralow loop volume means that minimal reagents are used in the measurements. The powerful processor allows autocalibration, priming and cleaning of the ‘loop’ during operation. For processes with high solids loading a special back flushing filter is used. Cycle measurement time can be programmed between 1 and 8 /hour.

Special digestors can be included in the system to allow determination of Total analyte such as Total P, N, Pb, As etc.

Systea has released a special ‘Eco’ model for monitoring discharge of waste water. The parameters monitored include BOD/COD/TSS pH . For environmental catchment monitoring, the Micromac system can monitor SAC/colour as a measure of run-off chemicals during heavy precipitation in the catchment.