WaterSam water samplers include: 

  • Refrigerated water autosamplers
  • Portable refrigerated samplers 
  • Self-emptying & cleaning autosamplers 
  • Special waste water auto samplers
  • In-field sampling equipment 
  • Water treatment plant samplers

The samplers are designed with a reliable and robust vacuum pump to both draw in the sample and also to clear the delivery line with a pulse of air prior to sampling. Each water sampler can be configured from a large selection of sample collection bottles that can be either plastic or glass and vary in size from 0.9 to 20 litres. Different size bottles can be included in a common sample tray.

Accessories available include GSM , SMS and data communication, parameter (pH, Conductivity, DO etc) measurement at time of sample collection and can include an accessory to lift samples from up to 20 metres depth.