Fluoroplastics TFM - PTFE

Fri - 1/06/18

Polytetrafluorethylene, PTFE, is a state-of-theart, high performance plastic, which is used in a broad range of industries. This plastic is also known by trade names such as Teflon, Dyneon or Fluon. Berghof produces digestion vessels for sample preparation in trace-analysis and inliner for high pressure reactors in R&D.

The special technical properties of PTFE plastic are crucial for its success. PTFE characteristics:

  • Broad temperature range from -200 deg c to 260 deg c
  • Universal resistance to chemicals, even against aggressive acids such as aqua regia
  • Excellent dielectric properties
  • A high degree of hydrophobicity
  • Extremely non-adhesive
  • Low refractive index at ~1.38
  • Physiologically harmless
  • Excellent for mechanical processing

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