New Products


JFE Advantech

JFE Advantech Harmful Plankton Detector HAI Sensor

JFE have released a new instrumentation that can monitor harmful phytoplankton presence in estuary areas. The most common identified species include Kareniamikimotoi & Chattononellaantiqua. Both of these species can affect ... Find out more...



Berghof Reactor Controller

One controller for everything The BRC controller offers quick access to all important parameters and the possibility to switch electrical valves directly from the controller. The Auto Tunning function makes it easy to ... Find out more...



Rigaku NEX CG II

Rigaku's powerful second-generation NEX CG II delivers rapid qualitative and quantitative elemental analyses and addresses the needs for many applications. Rigaku NEX CG II is ideal for measuring ultra-low and trace element ... Find out more...