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AccuSizer 780 AD

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Using the unique SPOS (Single Particle Optical Sensing) technique, the 780AD is able to determine both the size distribution and particles/mL by measuring particles, one at a time.

Configuration can include combined micron and nano particle distributions

  • Ideal for determination of small changes in a particular particle concentration and monitoring of oversize particles.
  • Provides accuracy in distribution tail concentration.

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  • Wide dynamic range for particle counting and able to operate in aqueous or organic mediums.
  • Able to operate with autodilution for concentrated samples.
  • Fast and automatic dilution chamber flushing between samples. Different modes of sample presentation to detector including:

                   1.Gravity drain

                   2. Autodilution

                   3. Metered drain.

  • Wide dynamic range with several different detectors: 0.5-400 microns; 1-1,000 microns; 5-2,500 microns.
  • Selectable agitation with magnetic stirring or mechanical stirring.
  • Custom design of dilution vessel volume



  • Particle concentration (Particles/mL), Count distribution, area weighted distribution and volume weighted distribution in the range from 0.5 - 400 microns,5 - 2,500microns.
  • Counts 100,000's of particles in 60 seconds. Able to accurately proportiion distribution to nominated sieve sizes.
  • Calculates distribution mean, median distribution skew, deviation



Particle Sensitivity:
10 PPT
Particle Size Accuracy:
Particle Count Accuracy
Particle Size Range
0.5 - 2,500 microns
Sample Agitation
Magnetic or Mechanical
Dilution Vessel Volumes
100ml - 3 litres

AccuSizer 780 AD with autosampler
Accusizer manual sampling
AccuSizer 780 AD Count Distribution graph
Count Distribution

AccuSizer 780 AD Volume Weighted Distribution
Volume Weighted Distribution

Bin counts.jpg
Fine counts in Distribution tail

SPOS Principle

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