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Accusizer Fx High Concentration Particle Counter



The Accusizer FX is ideal for counting particles in very high concentration samples without dilution, i.e. millions of particles per milliltre of solution. Measuring without dilution is important for applications where dilution can 'denature' the sample. The Accusizer FX particle counter uses the latest optic focusing to measure the high concentration with a high optic flux per sample volume.

The Fx is ideal for applications such as printer ink, emulsions, CMPS (Chemical Mechanical Polishing Slurries)

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This model of particle counter uses the proven SPOS (Single Particle Optical Sensor) and instead of using rectangular optical cell volume of ~0.04mL,focuses the laser beam into a very small cross section.



  • Particle measurement range is 0.6 to 20 microns.
  • Measurement times at 1 minute for a distribution of 2Million #/mL.
  • The FX particle counter is able to resolve multiple peaks within the particle size range, refer to attached graph.


Accusizer Fx High Concentration Particle Counter - Counter Module
Accusizer Fx Counter Module
Accusizer Fx Focused Optics
Fx Focused Optics

Accusizer Fx Software Individual Peak Identification
Software Individual Peak Identification

Multi standard FX.png
Multi Peak Resolution

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