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The J200 LIBS (Laser Impact Breakdown Spectroscopy) is the latest model release from Applied Spectra that continues the range of robust,high energy solid state laser sources. The new laser generator allows new levels of laser pulse - detector coupling, with the pulse delay generator, enabling larger band control from 50 nano seconds to 1 milliseconds. This is combined with step control of better than 25 nanoseconds.

The control acquisition software has been enhanced from the industry standard calibration curve presentation, to include:

  • Full 'microscope capabilities'.
  • Comprehensive chemometrics interpretation software.
  • Red pointing laser.
  • Motorised automated control on all 3 directional movements.

Three detector configurations are available:

  1. Qualitative complete elemental fast spectra scanning; configured with up to 6 x CCD's with fibre optic signal delivery.
  2. Quantitative broadband simultaneous elemental measurement; optics include echelle grating and ICCD detectors
  3. Quantitative high performence low level elemental detection:optics comprise a Czerny Turner monochromator with ICCD detector.

The sample compartment has two unique features:

  1. A 'floating' ultra stable sample mount for buffer gas chamber usage.
  2. Automated sample surface tracking to deliver laser in focus at the moving surface undulations. 


  • A fully featured LIBS (Laser Impact Breakdown Spectroscopy) instrument.
  • Upgradeable instrument enhancement to include Laser Ablation (LA) to be coupled to an ICP-MS.
  • This allows simultaneous LIBS and Laser Ablation allowing major and ultra trace element analysis.

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  • Laser Specifications
  • High power,Q switched,Nd:YAG laser with at 213, 266,532 or 1064 nm.

Laser pulse energy;

  • <4.5mJ/pulse @213nm
  • <25.5mJ/pulse @266nm
  • <55mJ/pulse @532nm
  • <100mJ/pulse @1064nm

Spot size configurable from 5 - 250 microns using combination of motorised beam expander and aperture imaging.

High efficiency energy transfer with Laser Energy Density >20J/cm2 @213nm

Sample Control and Viewing

Red laser sample surface tracking for uniform laser energy loading.

Automated Z axis depth control allows constant depth profiling with  automatic removal of over-layer contamination.

Optional large sample compartment

Sample Imaging

Dual CMOS cameras for both high magnification Zoom and wide field viewing simultaneously

High intensity Flood LED,coaxial reflection, microscope polarisers for common particle/mineral identification, undersample illumination.

Sample Chamber

Applied Spectra 'Flex' chamber with a set of interchangeable inserts for various sample protocols such as bulk analysis,elemental mapping.

Dual digital mass flow controllers for accurate gas introduction and configurable gas flow type laminar or turbulent.

Detector  and Optics Options

Detectors available include;

  • CCD detector with high energy throughput and relative low gain
  • ICCD detector with lower energy throughput but higher gain

Wavelength Delivery Mechanism;

  • fibre optic direct to individual detectors
  • Echelle grating giving wide wavelength dispersion to selected detector
  • Czerny Turner high precision monochromator to selected detector


Applied Spectra Axiom Software system software with:

  • Full control of hardware components & measurement automation
  • Calibration routines with standard linear and multivariate calibration
  • LIBS Chemometric software for discriminatory & classification analysis
  • Deployment of versatile sampling formats for: bulk analysis,micro spot,inclusion analysis,depth profiling & elemental mapping.


LIBS analysis of most elements in the periodic table, excluding the noble gases.

This allows:

1. Analysis of all the light elements : H, Li, Be,B, C, N together with the transition elements and heavy metals

2. Analysis of soil and mineral ore C,N,P and S without using expensive reagents and chemicals

3. Analysis of RRE's (Rare Earth Elements) at low PPM levels.

 Elemental depth profiling is accurately controlled with full automatic control of the laser direction and very precise depth control to the angstrom accurcacy.

This allows automatic wide channel 'rasting' of 'overburden' layers to expose the required layer for analysis which can then have pin-point spot analysis. 

Depth measurement with optional depth profiler.


Auto laser height Adjustment
Auto laser height Adjustment

Sample chamber flow formats micro or macro sampling
Sample chamber flow formats micro or macro sampling


Spectra from LIBS on Mars NASA Rover



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