BR25 High Pressure Reactor



The Berghof BR25 high pressure reactor is available in Stainless Steel SS 316Tl, Hastelloy C-4 , or Stainless Steel SS 316Tl with a PTFE insert and with no lid liner.

The useable pressure reactor volume can be varied by the employment of different reactor vessels ranging from 25 ml to 40 ml. Smaller volumes are available on request.

The pressure vessel is sealed by means of a conical flange lock and an O-ring. The lid offers a total of six connections which can be employed as follows:

  • 1 x temperature probe submersion tube;
  • 1 x metal rupture disc to safely limit the maximum pressure;
  • 1 x pressure indicator;
  • 1 x pressure relief valve;
  • 2 x for any other purpose, e.g., a gas sampling valve or liquid sampling.

Temperature regulation is by means of a temperature probe in a submersion tube to measure the internal reactor temperature. Optionally, a second temperature probe can be employed to provide over-temperature protection.

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Stainless steel SS 316TI
25ml or 40ml
Hastelloy C-4
25ml or 40ml
Stainless steel SS 316TI with PTFE insert
25ml or 40ml
Max. operating pressure
200 bar / 2,900 psi
Max. temperature
230 deg C PTFE & Viton seal 300 deg C FFPM seal (eg. Kalrez)
Magnetic stirrer
Hot plate BLH-800 + heater block

BR25 High Pressure Reactor
BR25 High Pressure Reactor

BR25 High Pressure Reactor


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