BSB939 Acid Purification System



Provides sub-boiling of conventional, reagent grade acids, to produce ultra high purity acids for ultra trace analytical techniques such as ICP-MS at a fraction of the cost of the purchase of ultra purity acids.


Production Rates 

Reagent               Volume        Time

Water                     1.8 L           24Hr

HNO3                     1.2 L           24Hr

HCl                         1.1 L           24Hr

HF                          1.0 L           24Hr

Purity Grades

Purity level        Contaminant Conc.       ~ Cost HNO3/ Litre

Reagent Grade     10 - 200 ppb                      $38  

High Purity            0.1- 10 ppb                     $200

Ultra-High Purity    10 - 200 ppt                     $850    


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  • Azetropic distillation at temperatures 10 -20 deg C below boiling point.
  • Contact free infrared heating.
  • System made of TFM and PFA for contamination free production.


Suitable for :

HF  (Hydrofluoric Acid)

H2O (High Purity Water)

HNO3 (Nitric Acid)

HCl  (Hydrochloric Acid)

BSB939 Acid Purification System
Purification Diagram
Purification Diagram

HF Product Purity Levels
HF Product Purity Levels

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