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Chlorophyll / Turbidity Logger Infinity CLW

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The Compact CLW is a miniature data logger with a micro-controller, suitable for long-term, consecutive deployment. The updated, state-of-the-art design can store up to 179,178 sets of four channels, including chlorophyll, turbidity, temperature and battery voltage. This allows for up to one year of continuous measurement. Available as a logger or as a 'live update' cabled version

A circular array of light-emitting diodes provide the excitation light for the chlorophyll-a turbidity backscatter sensors. Optical filters in front of the optical receivers then separate the backscattered light from the fluorescence signals. The filter also prevents the influence of solar light on the measurements. A wiper sweeps the optical surface before each sample to remove dirt and residue, improving the repeatability of measurements. The turbidity sensor has a superior stability in low concentration areas and the correlation with the suspended sediment in high concentration areas has been improved. The instrument can therefore be used in river and dam applications, as well as in the marine field. The Infinity CLW is controlled through the RS232-C port of a PC. The basic measurement set-up requires only the selection of the start time and sampling interval. After deployment, information such as measurement start time and calibration coefficients are easily transferred, along with the measured data.

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• Small size, light weight and large memory capacity • High resolution • Non-volatile flash memory • Built-in calendar/time information • No interface required • Programmable calibration factors • Wiper function provided as standard • Better stability and longer life span • Anti-corrosion titanium housing • Easy-to-use data acquisition software (Windows version)


Fluorescence, turbidity, temperature


0-400 ug/L
-5 to 40 Deg C
Memory Type
2Mbyte Flash
Measuring Mode
Continuous or Burst
Measuring Interval
selectable(0.5 to 30 seconds)
Burst Time
1-1440 minutes
1,080g (air), 560g(in water)

Chlorophyll / Turbidity Logger Infinity CLW
Chlorophyll / Turbidity Logger Infinity CLW

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