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Conductivity / Temp.with Wiper - Infinity CTW

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Measures conductivity over time in water columns loaded with biomass. Fitted with a piston wiper this ensures removal of biomass for accurate conductivity measurement.Able to be cabled to provide live results via GSM or satellite Can be deployed for several months without maintenance.

Ideal for use in long term warm shallow sea measurements.

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The proprietary conductivity cell is not affected by biofouling buildup around the sensor head and the piston action removes any biomass buildup prior to measurement.


Conductivity via a unique in-vitro electrode sensor array. This removes the influence of exterior bodies on conductivity measurement ensuring accurate results Temperature measurement by thermistor


Temp. Range
-5 to 45 deg C
Conductivity Range
0 to 70 mS/cm
Temp. Accuracy
+/- 0.005 deg C
Conductivity Accuracy (fresh water)
+/- 0.01mS/cm
Pressure Resistance
500m depth
1.5 Kg
70mm Dia. x 342mm

Conductivity / Temp.with Wiper - Infinity CTW
Conductivity / Temp.with Wiper - Infinity CTW

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