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The 7030 is the latest release from PSS (Particle Sizing Systems) offering a flexible instrument for most contamination monitoring requirements.

The 7030 Contamination Monitor uses the proven SPOS (Single Particle Optical Sizing) detection that is specified in the USP 788 procedure for particulate matter in Injectable fluids. PSS's Accusizer range are all based on SPOS.

It can be used for measuring:

  • ultra low concentrations of particles in fluids
  •  very low concentration samples, volumes in excess of 1 litre can be drawn through high concentration liquids with automated dilution pumps working to optimum dilutions for detector counting in the sensor.

The Model 7030 is well suited for monitoring high load, in-line filters, where it can be used with the dilution pump to measure high particulate loading on the inlet side of the filter and pull through a large volume to get counts on the outlet side of the filter.

Ideal for Pharmaceutical contamination monitoring for compliance with USP 788,789 and USP 729 method II.

Hydraulic oil monitoring with compliance with ISO11171, ISO4406 and NAVAIR 1638.

Water analysis for Pharmaceutical quality, Food grade, Demin plants.

Parts washing and Decontamination.

Easy access for detector cleaning and servicing of pumps and diluent 0.22 micron filter.

Can be optioned with an autosampler with 21 to 90 samples depending on volume to be passed through sensor.

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  • Large volumes of sample liquid ( > 1 litre) can be tested.
  • Accurate metering pumps allowing contamination concentration calculation.
  • Adjustable pump flow rate ( 5 to 30 ml/minute).
  • Can be optioned to pump viscous oils at 30 mls/minute.
  • Particulate monitoring from 0.5 to 400 microns.
  • Software conforming with Pharmaceutical 21 CFR Chapter 11 allowing complete traceablity.


For USP 788, the  7030 measures the concentration of particles greater than 5 and 10 microns.

Raw counts can be used to display an additional option of the total distribution from 0.5 to 400 microns.

Large volume pull through detector for very low concentration samples.  

7030 Applications
7030 Applications
7030 Model
7030 Model

Contamination Expanded Distributions
Contamination Expanded Distributions

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