Digestec High Pressure Digestion



The DAB Digestec has been developed for digestion at high pressures and temperatures.

This system can be programmed to digest over an extended period of time, up to several days.

Complete capture of sample during digest with high recovery rates. Ideal for Mercury (Hg) and other highly volatile element digestions.

A range of methodologies are available for different matrices.

Safety features include:

  • High quality stainless steel
  • Each vessel is TUV tested
  • rupture disc built into each lid
  • Controlled pressure release when vessels are opened.

Range of vessel sizes( 50 and 250 mL) allows small samples of several milligrams to larger vessels digesting several grams.

Reproducable digests with heating programme options available.


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  • High operating pressure to 200 bar (2,900 psi)
  • Extreme digestions at 250 deg C for several days
  • High sample throughput with multiple heating systems, up to 12 vessels per system
  • Permanently sealed vessels for complete containment of volatiles
  • Easy and simple loading with torque caping station
  • Solid durable TFM-PTFE liners


Digestion of difficult samples such as silicon carbide, speciality steels, ceramics,cellulose and polymers.

Digestec heater, vessels and controller
Digestec heater, vessels and controller
DAB Vessels
DAB Vessels


DAB exploded view

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