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Dissolved Oxygen Logger - Fluorescence Rinko I W

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The successful Rinko DO range has an added wiper mechanism to remove biofouling and allow long term deployment.

The Compact Optode is a small, precise data logger with an optical DO sensor, suitable for long-term, stable deployments. The state-of-the-art technology can store up to 172,800 sets of three channels of data, including DO, temperature and voltage. The operation of the Compact Optode is managed through the RS232-C port of a PC.

The basic measurement set-up requires only the selection of the start time and measurement parameters.

Manual manipulation of data is not necessary after download and data processing can begin immediately.

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  • Small and light with large memory capacity
  • Stirring of measurement sample not require
  • Resistant to bio-fouling
  • Two depth ranges: 300m and 6000
  • Non-volatile flash memory
  • Built-in calendar/time information
  • Direct connection to PC
  • Programmable calibration factors
  • Convenient Windows software
  • Robust titanium housing


The Model IV is for fixed position deployment integrating the surface wipe action with measurement of DO, Depth and Temperature.

Ideal for Tidal Gradients.


DO Type
Fluorescence quenching
DO Range
Temp Range
0-36 Deg C
1 - 30 seconds
Burst Time
1 - 1,440 minutes
1 Kg

Dissolved Oxygen Logger - Fluorescence Rinko I W
Dissolved Oxygen Logger - Fluorescence Rinko I W

Dissolved Oxygen Logger - Fluorescence Rinko I W

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