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High Resolution Profiler with moving traverse (YODA profiler)



This multiple sensor instrument and winch system allows continuous data acquisition, instrument retrieval and redeployment of instrument fall.

Previous profilers have only been able to obtain accurate sets of parameter readings by holding the sonde at particular levels to allow the Dissolved Oxygen(DO) sensor to equilibrate for 10 seconds, then drop to the next measurement point.  The boat or vessel must be stationary during this time in order to obtain the correct vertical profile.

The YODA allows continuous free fall of the sonde and slow forward creep of the vessel. This yields finer structure detail in the results because there are at least 10 times more data points and the acquisition can be done 50% faster. The winch feed-rate is such that the sonde line is always 'loose' so that the sonde maintains a 'plumb-line' fall through the water column.


The winch system is manageable with 2 personnel meaning it can be used on small vessels without wharf crane use.


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Contiuous measurement of: Depth, Temperature, Conductivity, Salinity, Dissolved Oxygen, Chlorophyll, Turbidity.

It is essential for a multi parameter sonde to have similar response factors for all parameters being measured.

The YODa profiler has an exceptionally low response factor variance of .06 compared to other multiparameter sonde variances of ~50.


Trigger Activators
Depth or Time
Recording Capacity
1000 profiles (8 mill. Data)
Memory type
1 GB internal flash memory
rechargeable lithium ion(10 hr operation)
Sonde Material
440mm Dia. x 550 mm
6kg in Air
Depth Rating

YODA Sensor with Stability Skirt
YODA Sensor with Stability Skirt
Traverse Graphs
Traverse Graphs

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