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Integra XL Inductively Coupled Plasma Spectrometer



The Integra with its dual optical system is ideal for higher sample throughput yet still has the high performence optical system to ensure data integrity.

The GBC range of ICP's have the highest energy transfer from the plasma to sample with an index on MgII/MgI of greater than 14. This yields a plasma that is very robust ensuring maximum sensitivity and minimal matrix effects.

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Fully thermostatted, shock mounted 0.75 Czerny-Turner monochromator/s. Mono purged with Nitrogen or Argon. Built-in coil cooling radiator. Argon Humidifier for high dissolved solids samples. Direct on-peak measurement. Dual Photomultiplier(Uv and Visible)on each monochromator. Computer Controlled viewing Height. Mass flow controllers on each gas stream (Nebulizer,Plasma and Auxillary). 12 Roller, low pulse,dual channel peristaltic pump. Auto fast pump setting for rapid washout.


The Integra configuration will cover the spectral range of all ICP detectable elements from S,P,B,Hg or Al(in the UV region)up to Na,Li and K (visible region). With a choice of special gratings, it is possible to select broad wavelength selectability or high sensitivity with high light throughput. the 2,400 line grating allows resolution to 0.004nm while the 1800 ruled grating will give the better sensitivities.

Integra ICP
Integra ICP

Dual mono System
Dual mono System

High Energy Transfer
High Energy Transfer

Custom Grating Selection

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Demountable Torch

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