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Femto Laser Ablation System



The femto laser ablation system provides a new dimension for laser ablation with:

  • minimal fractionation of sample.
  • smallest spot size achievable for the ablation process.
  • improved sensitivity due to high aersol delivery efficiency and higher repitition rate.
  • improved signal stability.
  • finer and more consistent particle creation.

The femto pulse width, with heat of diffusion considerations almost non existent, there are no sample melt problems as experienced with longer pulse width lasers.

The minimizing of the melt zone with a femto system, allows the selection of small spot sizes to a few microns in cross section.

Particle transport efficiency can be up to 1.5%, which compares well with other solid sampling techniques (TIMS and SIMS at 1%).

The finer femto aerosol of particles, devoid of the melt particle overloading, results in a better signal/noise ratio for the femto J200 model.


With an upgrade to the Tandem J200 System which includes LIBS, the full power of the Femto is realized.

The simultaneous Laser Ablation – Laser Impact Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) will provide:

  • Complete elemental analysis with;
    • Major elements at PPM - % levels by LIBS
    • Trace elements at PPT – PPB by LA-ICP-MS
  • Normalization of the ICP-MS to improve RSD’s via use of LIBS as internal standard.

Dual Geo system with LA-ICP-MS for U/Pb isotope ratios and LIBS for REE in zircons.







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Selective sample sweep gas control, to switch between micro sampling or bulk sampling of surface.

UV and IR Laser custom selectability with stable solid state YAG laser source. Minimal on-going laser source costs.

Mass flow controllers on gas flow over sample ensure constant aerosol loading to ICP-MS.  

Automatic adjustment of sample height to optimise plasma flux over uneven surfaces.

Enhanced Sample viewing with dual CMOS cameras, polarizing options and add on depth profiler.


Accurate depth profiling

Geo-chronology studies

Laser Ablation- ICP- MS 

Coupled to IRMS for better resolution and sensitivity

Precise thin film surface ablation

Femto J200 Laser Ablation System
Femto J200 Laser Ablation System
Pulse Duration Nano vs Femto seconds
Pulse Duration Nano vs Femto seconds

Auto plasma height control
Auto plasma height control

femto vs nano.JPG
Femto vs nano second Stability


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