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Micron Dual Stability Analyser



The F-Micro Dual Emulsion stability analyser is equiped with dual sensors:

  • A Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS) module that can characterise the emulsion at the nanometre particle size, providing a comparitive emulsion mean, mode or other comparitive statistics.
  • A Single Particle Optical Sensor (SPOS) that is able to provide additional information on the potential unstable emulsion 'tail' .The SPOS sensor shows the particle counts concentration.

The F-Micro is best suited for emulsions with distribution means greater than 5 microns or emulsions with extended tails. For smaller means, the Fx nano is the preferred instrument.

The generated data allows evaluation of emulsion anomalies such as:

  1. Oswaldt ripening.
  2. Distribution skewing and assymetry.
  3. Native peak shifts.

 Further stability monitoring can be performed on a time basis with graphical overlays identifying emulsion instability.

The F- Micro is ideal for broad distribution emulsions stability testing.

It provides a fast alternative to visual 'standing' tests with results obtained in minutes.

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  • One sample performs both measurements simultaneously.
  • For pharmaceutical emulsions, USP-729 Method 1 and USP-729 Method 2 are both performed on the Fx -Micro Emulsion Stability Analyser. Method 1 provides mean droplet size by DLS and Method 2 provides critical information on the large diameter tail.
  • With the optional ZLS module, the emulsion can be further characterised in relation to the charge being carried by the emulsion particles.



  • Counts particles of the upper tail distribution in the range 0.5 - 300 microns and provides particle concentration data.
  • Provides particle size distribution including mode and mean of the distribution from 0.5 to 6,000 nanometres.
  • High particle resolution at parts per million concentrations.


Micron Dual Stability Analyser
Dual Capability DLS sizing & SPOS Counting
Dual Capability DLS sizing & SPOS Counting

Stability Test  Results
Stability Test Results

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