Particle Sizing Systems

AccuSizer Micron Counting and Sizing



The success of the AccuSizer range of sensors in the laboratory has been extended to On-Line operations to detect particle outliers in processes such as homogenization, grinding and filtration.

A typical application for these systems is the monitoring of a critical In-line filter such as CMP (chemical mechanical polishing) slurry production.

The multiplex sampling hydraulics allow:

  • Sampling from an unfiltered, upstream line with suitable autodilution.
  • Sampling from the filtered product stream with the appropriate autodilution to achieve optimum counts through the detection system.


  • The LE400 sensor; collimated beam, scatter + extinction, 0.5-400µm
  • The LE1000 sensor; extinction only, 2-1000µm
  • The LE2500 sensor; extinction only, 25-2500µm
  • The FX; focused beam, extinction 0.7-20µm at high concentration
  • The FX Nano; focused beam, scattering 0.15-10+ µm at high concentration


  • The counter provides high resolution results in up to 512 size channels.


  • The sample can be transported through the sensor either without dilution or with single and two stage auto-dilution samplers.


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  • Fully automated to update a control panel of process distributions
  • Eliminates the cost of premature filter replacement
  • High resolution and sensitivity of particle counts
  • Automated batch sample analysis
  • Multiple sample trays available:

              - 3x7 samples – 30 mm tube (50 mL)
              - 4x10 samples – 20 mm tube (20 mL)
              - 5x12 samples – 16 mm tube (14 mL)
              - 6x15 samples – 13 mm tube (7 mL)

  • Not all rack configurations are not available for all modules.
  • Dual Trays of the sample configuration are also available.
  • Modular easy lock and load sample trays
  • Wide Dynamic Range Sensors:

              - 0.5 nm - 400 microns (SPOS)
              - 0.3 nm - 3 microns (DLS)

  • Ability to pre-dilute samples such as:

              - Emulsions (Food/Drug)
              - Dispersions
              - Proteins/Macromolecules
              - Inks/Pigments/Paints
              - Minerals/Alumina/Metals
              - Silica packing materials (HPLC columns)
              - Pharmaceutical Powders/Suspensions



  • Particle concentration
  • Particle counts and distribution


AccuSizer Micron Counting and Sizing
The combination of extinction and scattering is used to provide this wide dynamic range for the LE sensor.
The combination of extinction and scattering is used to provide this wide dynamic range for the LE sensor.

AccuSizer Micron Counting and Sizing

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