Micronization Equipment



Supercritical Fluid Extraction can be used to generate a finely controlled stream of micro particles. The desired substrate is solubilised in the supercritical fluid and transported to an orifice where the sudden expansion of carbon dioxide creates a stream of nano-micro particles. Control of orifice shape, temperature and pressure differential are used for definition of particle size and morphology.

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  • Unimodal particle size distributions with the pulsation free pump.
  • Creation of fine particles without thermal and chemical degradations.
  • Contamination free recirculation of supercritical solvent.
  • Diamond orifices with diameters from 15 to 300 microns.



Particles are created either by the RESS (Rapid Expansion of Supercritical Solutions) or GAS (Gas Anti-Solvent Recrystallization). Examples of RESS include bioerodible polymeric microspheres loaded with a therapeutic drug; chemical phase change ie PVDF α to β form. Examples of GAS include Creation of fine powder explosives such as RDX cyclotrimethylenetrinitramine ; crystallization of aspirin; production of colour pigments.

Micronization Equipment

Micronization Equipment

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