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Multi-Excitor - Phytoplankton analysis

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Unlike existing Chlorophyll Fluoro-photometers, the Multi-excitor use 9 wavelengths to characterize the phytoplankton in the water column.

When used with the particle counter, it is able to provide valuable data on the makeup of the organisms in the water column.


The Multi-excitor is available as either a wired digital model which is suitable for real-time observation as well as ability to be incorporated into other monitoring systems.

The logger model has memeory capability of storing up to 18,000 samples.

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Multiwavelength excitation and multiparameter measurement.

Long Term monitoring with a wiper function preventing living organism adherence as standard.

Achieves high sensitivity fluorescence measurement even in high turbidity deployments

Facilitated with special software with fluorescence characteristic library function for species compostion analysis


Automatic phytoplankton class monitoring. 4 taxa,Diatom,Cyanobacteria,Green Algae,Crptophyta Applications: Algal Bloom, HAB (Cyanobacteria Bloom), Water quality.

Measures turbidity as background measurement, Temperature and Depth to 500m.


Multiexcitor with wiper
Multiexcitor with wiper
Phytoplankton Profile
Phytoplankton Profile

Wavelength Response
Wavelength Response

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