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Nano Dual Stability Analyser



Medical injectables and Pharmaceutical emulsions typically have mean diameters of less than 500 nanometres.

Most of these products must conform with USP-729.

The Fx-nano is able to conform with both USP -729 method 1 and method 2.

Delicate samples that degrade with dilution or buffer addition can be measured neat.

Additive data from Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS) and Single Particle Optical Sensor (SPOS) provides a complete characterisation of an emulsion.

Fast measurement at several minutes compared to alternative methods of determining emulsion instability.


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One sample provides both measurements done simultaneously.

The Fx -nano with its focused SPOS counter, can count high concentration samples, millions of # particles /mL vs size. 


Counts particles of the upper tail distribution in the range 0.15 - 10 microns and provides particle concentration data.

Provides particle size distribution including mode and mean of the distribution from 0.5 to 6,000 nanometres.

Nano Dual Stability Analyser
USP 729 Method 1 and  2
USP 729 Method 1 and 2

Emulsion Stability Data
Emulsion Stability Data

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