Advanced Cartesian geometry EDXRF for rapid qualitative and quantitative elemental analysis.

Rigaku NEX CG delivers rapid qualitative and quantitative determination of major and minor atomic elements in a wide variety of sample types with minimal standards.

The tube is fitted with a shutter so that it may remain active at all times for stability.

Power fluctuations are removed by an on-board UPS providing stable base line and extended tube life. 

Unlike conventional EDXRF analyzers, the NEX CG was engineered with a unique close-coupled Cartesian Geometry (CG) optical kernel that dramatically increases signal-to-noise. By using secondary target excitation, instead of convention direct excitation, sensitivity is further improved. The resulting dramatic reduction in background noise, and simultaneous increase in element peaks, result in a spectrometer capable of routine trace element analysis even in difficult sample types.

NEX CG is powered by a new qualitative and quantitative analytical software, RPF-SQX, that features Rigaku Profile Fitting (RPF) technology. The software allows semi-quantitative analysis of almost all sample types without standards — and rigorous quantitative analysis with standards.

Silicone Drift Detector Technology

A silicon drift detector (SDD) affords extremely high count rate capability with excellent spectral resolution. This enables NEX CG to deliver the highest precision analytical results in the shortest possible measurement times. 

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  • Analyze ₁₁Na to ₉₂U non-destructively
  • Fast simultaneous multielement quantitative results
  • Solids, liquids, powders and thin films
  • Polarized excitation for lower detection limits
  • Novel treatment of peak overlap reduces errors
  • PPB detection limits for aqueous samples using UltraCarry
  • Simplified user interface with EZ Analysis


The NEX CG model is configured with 4 secondary targets which remove the conventional  background white radiation (Bremsstralung). Coupled with a high performence SDD detector, the signal to noise ratio is the best for ED XRF, allowing routine trace element analysis.

The NEX CG has an optional Light Element option (LEO) with a special secondary target fitted for enhanced sensitivity for sodium and magnesium.

Applications suited to the NEX CG performence include:

  • soil & crop analysis - (full elemental make up, 24 elements)
  • fly ash analysis - ( multiple element analysis, 16)
  • glass and raw material analysis - ( multiple element analysis,14)
  • brake pad analysis - (multiple element analysis, 28)
  • crude oil - ultra low Cl and S


60(W) X 60(D) X 40(H) cm
80 kg
Sample chamber
38 cm diameter x 10 cm deep sample chamber
X-ray tube with Pd anode, 50W max power, 50kV max voltage
High performance SDD, Peltier electronic cooling

Automatic sample changer
Automatic sample changer

3D Cartesian Optics
3D Cartesian Optics



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