NEX OL - Process Elemental Analyzer



On-line, real-time analysis by Energy Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence (ED XRF)

The  Rigaku NEX-OL series of On-line EDXRF analysers incorporate the new array of XRF Tube and detector. Built specifically for on-line liquid and film/sheet material analysis, the elemental coverage is from Aluminium to Uranium. Multi element analysis is available for example metallurgical suites such as Gold and Silver, Platinum/Palladium.

The on-line system has been designed for industrial conditions with tool-less quick replacement of the optic window and processor protection from pipeline pressure pulsations. With special custom designed cabinets the system can be used in classified and non-classified zones of a process operation.

The Rigaku On-line XRF analyser has been applied to monitoring the QC on film and continuous sheet production. With surface treatments such as silicone coating or cleaning foil surfaces, the XRF analysis can be used to determine the coating thickness or the presence of chemical contamination.

Special flow cell assembly for fluids to ensure constant pressure.


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  • Real-time process control by elemental analysis
  • Measure simultaneous multi elements (₁₃Al to ₉₂U)
  • From ppm levels to weight percent (wt%)
  • Robust NEX QC⁺ optics with SDD detector
  • Industrial touch screen user interface
  • Easy empirical calibration and routine operation
  • Toolless routine maintenance of analytical head
  • Multiple remote analysis heads (non-classified)
  • Liquid flow cell leak sensor
  • No dangerous radioisotopes



Fast simultaneous multi element analysis using SDD detector.

Two standard measurement cells for liquid flow or continuos foil/sheet material.

Applications include:

  • Gold leaching processing
  • Monitoring chemical bath solutions - Ni, Co,Mo,Zn, In
  • Refinery Products - S, Cl
  • Packaging - Si
  • Food Processing - Cl


Power requirements
110/240 V
Silicon drift detector (SDD)
Detector Cooling
50kV, 4W max power
Tube filters positions
Cabinet Dimensions
61 x 61 x 34 cms

NEX OL - Process Elemental Analyzer
NEX OL - Process Elemental Analyzer

Fixed roller mount for web or coils (left) and Flow cell for liquid streams (right)
Fixed roller mount for web or coils (left) and Flow cell for liquid streams (right)

The NEX-OL has full programming capabilities with the touch screen LCD panel. Calibrations and system settings can be accessed from dedicated side panel icons. Important process trending is also available on the panel display as a back up to control room trending.


In addition to analyzing liquid streams, the Rigaku NEX OL is designed to service web and coil applications, with the ability to perform multi-element composition and/or coating thickness. Typically a head is mounted in a fixed position over a roller so that the head to surface distance is constant.

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