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Nicomp 380DLS Nano Particle Sizer

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The Nicomp model is designed to measure colloidal solutions and nano sized particles including proteins and molecules.

The accurate modeling of the data using either Gaussian or proprietary Nicomp fits, gives the Nicomp 380 the unique ability to separate close bimodal distributions.

The inclusion of a goniometer detector provides an upgrade from standard dual angle detection to allow full angle detector placement. This is very useful for accuracy in the upper range where shallow angle detection yields the better results. This also allows finer tuning on backscatter measurement.

The goniometer also facilitates the determination of molecular weight of samples. The data fit will allow assymetric peak measurement, which is applicable to emulsion instability. Autodilution is an optional feature that can speed up sample throughout.



  • Designed using a modular design approach allowing custom configuration. Various laser strengths are selectable together with detector types( APD or PMT)
  • Flow-through or low volume cells are available
  • On-line models are also available
  • Built in automatic procedures & parameters
  • Upgradeable to include particle counter

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  • Proprietary high resolution multi-modal algorithm to discriminate close bimodals and native populations. Micro goniometer to allow optimum detector measuring angle and back scatter considerations.
  • Automatic neutral density filter optimisation.

Selectable Laser Source

  • 15 mW (zeta potential use)
  • 35mW (printer ink samples)
  • 100mW (very small particles)
  • Selectable wavelength (500 or 650nm)

Selectable Detector:

  • Photo multiplier (zeta potential)
  • CPM (High conc. samples)
  • Avalanche Photo Diode (proteins, polymers, micelles)

Upgrade option:

The 380 ZLS model can be upgraded to include nano particle sizing by Dynamic Light  Scattering (DLS). This can be achieved with:

  • Cell change to remove electrodes
  • Software selectable detector: PMT detector for Zeta potential and avalanche detector for high gain DLS



  • Particles from 0.5 nanometres to 6,000 nanometres.
  • Bimodal and Multimodal Distributions.
  • Protein sizing  and molecule sizing.
  • Time plots allow optimum sample run time


Sizing Range
0.5 - 6,000 nm
Sample Concentration
0.1 ppm - 40% w/v
Cell Temp. Control
Peltier Heating/Cooling
Temp. Range
0 - 90 Deg C
< 2%
Fit Model Control
Manual or Automatic
Fit Model types
Gaussian or Nicomp
Laser Type
Class 1

Nicomp 380
Nicomp 380
Nicomp with autotitrator
Nicomp with autotitrator

Multimodal Separation
Multimodal Separation

automatic modle fit conversion

Bovine B.jpg
Bovine serum(BSA) @ 20 Deg forward angle

DLS small cell.jpg
DLS micro Cell

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