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Nicomp 380ZLS Zeta Potential

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The combination of Zeta Potential & Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS) provides a multi-tool platform for the full characterisation of nano - dispersions or colloidal suspensions.

Featured with both frequency and phase analysis modes for determination of zeta potential.

Configurable electric field from 1 - 250 V/cm allows measurement of varied samples from proteins requiring gentle conditions to metal oxide nano particles in organic solvents.

Polarization correction means that highly ionic solutions such as brine solutions can be used for determination of the presence of nano particles.

Flow through cells are available for on line analysis.


Selectable laser diode strengths and detector types.

Optional autotitration for pH effect on sample optional autdilution.

No alignment of optics required

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Phase Analysis Graphics for easy instrument setup.

Polarization correction ensures measurement of correct particle potential.

The goniometer use means easy switching to particle sizing if required and measuring negative angle applications .

Small sample volume cells available


Zeta potential of particles to establish their stability, aggregation affinity.

Frequency power spectrum analysis or phase analysis light scattering (PALS) for more sensitive measurements.


Zeta Particle Range
1nm to 30,000 nm
Zeta Potential Angle
-19 Deg
Minimum Volume
Zeta Potential Range
-200 to +200mV
Zeta potential Max Conductivity

ZLS with Autotitrator for Zeta Potential
ZLS with Autotitrator for Zeta Potential
ELS Diagram
ELS Diagram

Power Spectrum
Power Spectrum

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Mobility History

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