On Line Speciation Monitoring



There is an increasing demand to monitor specific chemical groups such as orthophosphate, Total P, Carbonate, Total C, Chloride, Chlorate etc.

Automatic calibration Selectable measurement interval.

Remote diagnostics dialup.

Low reagents usage.

Separate pneumatic sample taking from pipelines.

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Designed for Industrial and Environmental On Line applications ensure the highest level of robustness in the electronic, mechanical and hydraulic components. Complete separation between electronics and hydraulics plus a simple and robust Loop Flow Analysis hydraulics allows long terms reliable operations. The system is supplied with its own self cleaning sample introduction system.

For difficult sulphide slurries/solutions, a cold stripping step under acidic conditions, may be necessary to ensure total liberation of all suplhide as Total S. 

Multiple calibration ranges and autdilution facility to facilitate good dynamic range.


Colorimetric and ISE determination of specific analytes; PO4, SO4, CO3, F, Cl, I, ClO3, BOD, COD

Control Cabinet
Control Cabinet
On-line live update
On-line live update

pressure pipe sampling
pressure pipe sampling

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