Medium Size SFE Liquid Materials System

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Innovative with liquid / liquid extraction, these systems extend the range of super critical extraction to be used on liquid raw materials.

The extraction process can be adapted to be an on-line system with the addition of a special column feeding into the extractor.

Operating pressures can be up to 700 bar and thermo labile products can be extracted with set temps through to 200 deg C.

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  • Full central processor control of all parameters,valves, pumps, chillers.
  • Custom design for quick opening/closing of extractors and separators.
  • GMP Process plant rating to conform to Regulatory standards for Food and Phamrma grading,
  • Hazardous area design.



  • Applications include:
  • Fractionated separation of oils and waxes
  • Separation of polyunsaturated fatty acids
  • removal of cholesterol from dairy products
  • Refining of lecithin
  • Cannabinoids from hemp solvent extracts
  • Non-alcoholic wine and beer


LIquid Raw-material  Extraction System
LIquid Raw-material Extraction System
Valve Array
Valve Array

Extractor Filter and Storage Dryer
Extractor Filter and Storage Dryer

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