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Protein Aggregation Analyser



The difficulty of therapeutic proten production is monitoring their instability and tendency to aggregate. This potentially yields inactive and immunogenic aggregates within the protein substrate.

The Fx-SIS model is able to analyse the most demanding of samples under a broad variety of buffer conditions. It is able to obtain results in an interval as short as 2 minutes. This compares well with other technologies that can take up to 30 minutes.

Using a dual sensor array, the Aggregation Analyser has an integrated syringe driven system controlled by a micro stepper motor, enabling precise, automated and repeated passage of protein sample through the sensor viewing volume.

  • The Analyser can monitor changing distributions of concentrated protein solutions.
  • Sub-milliLitre volumes of sample can be measured without dilution or buffer exchange. 
  • Small differences in absolute counts of large particles can be monitored.
  • It is possible to quantify the earliest stages of aggregate formation and/or aggregate dissolution.

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  • Fluidic path is specifically designed to reduce shearing of sensitive protein samples with a special broadened flow channel. Fluidic path can be:
    • PEEK
    • Stainless Steel
    • Teflon
  • Different sample loop sizes are available.
  • Sample can be analysed neat without dilution or buffer exchange.
  • Air cushions are used in hydraulics to avoid sample contamination. Sample recovery is available.
  • Low concentration sample can have sample repeatedly pushed/pulled through the sensor in order to improve statistics.


Concentration of aggregated proteins in solution as well as particle distribution.

Fx-SIS Protein Aggregation Analyser
Fx-SIS Protein Aggregation Analyser
Fx-SIS Protein Aggregation Analyser Dissolution of IgG in PBS
Dissolution of IgG in PBS

Fx-SIS Protein Aggregation Analyser Overlay of Protein Tails with buffer Soln.
Overlay of Protein Tails with buffer Soln.

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