SFC Prep Scale



Compact benchtop prep SFC system at 100ml/min with complete custom configuration of the system. Ability to download lab scale SFC developed method.

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  • Stand alone Process Logic Control(PLC) for fast and reliable system regulation, independent of Data Station shutdown.
  • Recycle CO2 to save on running costs
  • Fully automatic with 24hr unattended operation
  • Custom configuration of columns, detector and fraction collection hardware
  • On-the-fly setting of fraction collection points
  • Full flexibility in fraction separation parameters via selection of detector threshold, chromatogram time etc.
  • Injections can be manual injection, sample syringe pump or autosampler, including stacked injections.
  • On completion of a separation run, the Data Manager will create a run summary with chromatogram trace, overlays and printing of fraction collector data.
  • High precision solvent composition and retention independent of the system pressure by co-solvent pressure equilibration prior to mixing.



  • Separates a range of analytes to selectable purities via peak cut-offs.


SFC Prep Scale
SFC Prep Scale

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