Medium Size SFE for Solid Materials System

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Sitec are able to custom design the Supercritical Fluid Extraction system to any size and configuration.

SFE pressure up to 700bar.

Medium size systems normally have vessel sizes from 1 to 20 litres.

The extraction can be achieved with single or multiple vessels  either in parallel or in sequence.

Separators can include an intermediary fluid cyclone for better fractionation.

Fractionated temperature and pressure cycles.

  • Engineered quality built into each system.
  • Adaptive to liquid / liquid extraction as an option.Easy access to components in the rig.
  • Interface with software for overview of control circuit, touch screen graphics.
  • Certificates for conformence to pressure vessel standards.

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  • Closed CO2 cycle.
  • Hand operated quick opening extractors
  • Fractionated separations with fluid cyclone.
  • sapphire windows for visual observation.
  • Mass flow CO2 measurment for accurate control of extraction efficiency.
  • Ultrasonic Interfaces.
  • Counter-current columns
  • Focussing Microwaves through SCF pressure vessels
  • In-vessel analytical measurements



  • Natural extractions including hops, caffeine,spices.
  • Production of active pharmaceutical ingredients (PMI) for pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals.
  • Degreasing of catalysts, medical implants and microchip sets.
  • Extraction of monomers from polymers.
  • Extraction of Cannabinoids from hemp plants.
  • Regeneration of molecular sieves.
  • Target site hydrogenation and polyolefin fractionation
  • Cleanroom Environments


medium size system
medium size system
CO2 Pump to 1,000 bar
CO2 Pump to 1,000 bar

Control Panel Graphics
Control Panel Graphics

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