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The Berghof Speedwave Xpert is the latest model microwave digestion system that provides faster digestion, higher power application (with 2 magnetrons for difficult digests) and delivers 30 percent more power than the previous SW4 model.

The Xpert continues the successful use of TFM-PTFE for vessel fabrication. This unique material is specially formed in a hydrostatic bath such that there is no axial weakness in the material. The higher density TFM vessel has better properties 
with regards to temperature, pressure and acid resistance. Importantly while conventional PTFE has an affinity to accumulate small levels of mercury in the structure, the higher density, hydrostatic TFM-PTFE shows no accumulation in the vessel with time making it ideal for mercury digests for low level analysis by ICP-MS. TFM-PTFE conforms to EPA Hg digestion standards.

The new model includes the unique features of the previous model with the two temperature sensors and pressure sensor in each vessel cap, monitoring all vessels without cable connection. Also, an additional safety feature has been added to 
monitor vessel surface temperature as well as internal sample temperature on all vessels. This leads to longevity of vessels and caps and extended warranty.

An extensive library of applications allow automatic download of a suitable method for digestion.

All of these advanced features mean the Speedwave Xpert microwave digestion instrument can digest more difficult samples at higher pressures and temperatures (100bar and 300 deg C) in a safer manner.

The new model includes the unique features of the previous model with the two temperature sensors and pressure sensor in each vessel cap, monitoring all vessels without cable connection.

The successful vessel design, with a high diameter/ depth ratio, ensures that sample gets to the bottom of the vessel with minimum spoilage on the vessel walls. Vessel ID is a generous 27mm.

An extensive library of applications allow automatic download of a suitable method for digestion.

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The swivel door, allows fast access for the loading and unloading of the digestion vessels.

Carousel configurations of 8, 12 or 24 vessels.

The different configurations  allow:


Vessel Type Volume Operating P. Test P. T. Continuous T. Max. Rotor Capacity
DAP 40+ 40 mL 40 Bar 55 Bar 230 C 260 C 24
DAP 60+ 60 mL 40 Bar 60 Bar 230 C 260 C 12
DAP 100+ 100 mL 40 Bar 55 Bar 230 C 260 C 12
DAK100 100 mL 100 Bar 150 Bar 250 C 300 C 8


Turntable operation is a continuous clockwise rotation which is ideal for even energy ‘loading’ across all samples.

The large high resolution colour touch screen updates instantaneous program set temperature and actual sample temperature.

USB port for data export and ‘Webvisu’ for mobile devices.

Diagnostic status is updated on the display for: magnetron power application, magnetron temperature, oven temperature, rotor position, HV Transformer status.       

Complies with EN335-25, EN50081, EN50082 and EN 61010.

Each pressure vessel is issued with a pressure testing certificate.

Connection of all digestion vessels to the vent system to cover the case of rupture disc failure.

Transport rack for easy movement of vessels. Also used as quench holder during rapid cooling of vessels.

Optional vent gas ‘neutralisation’ system for any vessel ruptures.


Both sample temperature and vessel temperature are monitored to provide the most accurate transient conditions in the microwave process.

Innovative patented direct pressure measurement of each vessel for each carousel rotation.

Pressure measurement in each vessel allows fast process optimisation with the ability to perform a run with different ratios of sample/acid and selecting the correct ratio from the run via the temp. and pressure graphs for each vessel.


Turntable Function
Continous Rotation
Rotation Speed
Microwave Power
1,450 W in Circular Cavity
2,450 MHz
PFA fired at 350 deg C
Temp Range
80 -300 Deg C
Temp Accuracy
1 deg C at 200 deg C
Safety Testing
CE Conformity with EN335-25,50081,50082,61010

New Design
New Design
Expert Oven and Controller System
Expert Oven and Controller System

Sample & Vessel Temp Monitoring
Sample & Vessel Temp Monitoring

Safety Venting Manifold


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