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J200 Tandem Laser Ablation & LIBS



The J200 Tandem is designed to perform simultaneous LIBS (Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy) and LA-ICP-MS (Laser Ablation Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry) measurements. The J200 Tandem, captures the emitted light from the laser ablation plasma and performs rapid spectroscopic analysis while transporting, with high efficiency, the aerosol of ablated particles to an ICP-MS.

This unique dual analytical technique enables new measurement possibilities including:

  • Analysis of lighter elements such as H, O, N, C, S and the Halides which can be difficult by ICP-MS.
  • Simultaneous analysis of major and minor elements at optimised sensitivity for both suites.
  • Molecular Isotope identification LAMIS
  • Fast elemental composition screening for ICP-MS optimisation
  • LIBS allows more flexibilty with nomaralised results 

LIBS determination of light elements such as O, N, C & H, provides a fast alternative to expensive combustion techniques that are used for these elements. Fluoride determined in seconds at low ppm levels.

Measuring % level concentration elements by LIBS rather than by ICP-MS, allows more run time for optimising on trace element detection.

LAMIS, Laser Isotope Molecular Isotope Spectrocopy, can be measured by the LIBS technique.

LIBS can be used as a fast screen of the sample total elemental composition. This is a valuable tool for determining the ICP-MS element suite to run.

Internal standards are sometimes used to provide more accurate determination of element concentrations. The LIBS component can be used to normalise the ICP-MS signal. An example is when scanning biological tissue and the sample surface has an abnormality. Then the high carbon content can be used as a measure of the abnormality and used as an internal standard for the other element determination.

These features add to the established Laser Ablation features of :

  • Fast solid sample analysis without the need to use acid digest.
  • Selective sample elemental depth analysis.
  • Selective analysis of areas defined by microsopic examination of the sample.
  • Ability to show elemental mapping.
  • No vacuum required for analysis process.

The laser source for the J200 is the stable, solid state Q switched ultra Nd: YAG oscillator with custom wavelength & pulse speed selection. By eliminating the cost of ArF gas and laser beam delivery optics replacement, the J200 drives down the on-going operating costs while providing excellent analytical capabilities.



Features highly rugged Q switched,short pulse Nd:YAG laser with wavelengthdown to 213 nm and pulse rate less than 5 nsec.

Innovative Modular design for stand alone LA, LIBS, or Tandem LA - LIBS.

3 LIBS detector options to match analytical requirements.

Height sensors to ensure laser ablation consistency and stabilization shutter.

Optional depth profiler control.

Dual video camers for split screen viewing of high magnification and wide field viiewing.

Flex sample chamber with interchangeable inserts to optimize transport gas flow & particle washout time.

Compact gas manifold designed to eliminate degassing & memory effects.

Axiom Software Laser Ablation system software with:

  • Full control of hardware components & measurement automation
  • Powerful data analysis module for LIBS & LA-ICP-MS analysis
  • LIBS Chemometric software for discriminatory & classification analysis
  • Deployment of versatile sampling formats for: bulk analysis,micro spot,inclusion analysis,depth profiling &elemental mapping.
  • Option of profilometer for accurate depth analysis






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Compact & Modular Design for Custom Dual LA/LIBS Capability

The J200 can operate in stand alone LA or LIBS mode or as a Tandem LA-LIBS configuration.

The compact design includes in the main housing, a laser source, laser beam delivery optics, flex sample cell, gas flow control system and LIBS Detector.

The LIBS detector is custom configured with selections from :

  • Echelle grating
  • Czerny Turner monochromator
  • CCD Detector
  • ICCD detector 

A second optional detector can be added.

The Laser Ablation system can have either nanosecond or femtosecond laser pulsing.

Auto Sample Height Adjustment for consistent Laser Ablation.

The J200 incorporates an auto height adjustment sensor (patent pending), that accounts for morphological changes on the sample surface. This feature allows the J200 to maitain a constant plasma flux at the surface irrespective of the surface topography.

Flex Sample Chamber.

Sample measurement optimization is dependent on the analysis type: bulk compositional,mineral inclusions, high resolution depth profiling, elemental mapping etc. The selective optimization is assisted with the Flex Chamber having a range of top & bottom inserts, to adjust flow for turbulent flow or laminar flow and optimum wash-out time.

An additional feature of the Flex Chamber, is the optimum viewing camera which allows observation while the plasma is active.

Transport Gas Manifold.

The patented gas manifold block is made of Stainless Steel / Copper. This minimizes degassing,prevents build-up of ablated particles & eleminates memory effects. The block allows for easy dis-assembly for periodic cleaning of transport gas tubing.


LIBS spectroscopic measurement of most elements at PPM levels including H, O, N, C, S and Halides by unique wavelengths.

LA provides delivery of an aerosol of particles of selected elements for analysis by ICP-MS at PPT and PPB levels of different isotopes.


J200  Tandem LIBS & LA
J200 Tandem LIBS & LA
Auto laser height adjustment
Auto laser height adjustment

Laser Harmonic Generation
Laser Harmonic Generation

Sampling Patterns.jpg
Sampling Patterns

Camera contrast.jpg
Sample Contrast with Co-axial Light Sources

Gas manifold.jpg
Demountable Gas Manifold

Flex Sample Chamber.jpg
Flex Sample Chamber

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