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Turbidity Logger Dual Range with wiper

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The Dual range logger allows a wide dynamic range of turbidity measurement.

The advantage of the dual range is that accuracy is not compromised with such a wide dynamic range  as accuracy is a % of each sensor full scale range rather than as a % of the total span.

This allows monitoring of very low level turbidity measurements during low tidal movements through to large weather events such as cyclones where water tubulence will lead to elevated turbidity levels. high accuracy is maintained across this wide range of measurements. 

The ATU75W is designed for deployments with a variable range of turbidities.

The robust wiper action means that the sonde can be deplowed for long periods of time without turbidity measurements being compromised by biofouling.

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• Low sensitive  and high turbidity sensors

• Resolution of 0.003FTU

• Accurate measurement in open and deep sea

• Calibration performed with formazine solution - concentration shown in FTU and ppm units


The lower range is from 0 - 1,000 FTU and the upper sensor range is from 1 - 100,000 ppm.

Automatic change over to the other sensoronce the upper limit is reached on the low range sensor or vice versa on the lower limit of teh upper sensor.


Infrared backscattering
0 -1,000FTU 0 - 100,000ppm
0.03 FTU
Measuring Mode
Continuous,Burst or real time
Warm up time
10 s
Pressure Rating
200m or (6,500m)
1,080g or(800g)

Dual Range Turbidity Sonde
Dual Range Turbidity Sonde

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