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Zeeman Graphite Furnace Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer



The ultimate in Zeeman Effect Background correction, is achieved with the Ultra Z AA.

This is possible with :

1. selectable Magnetic Feld Strength

2. Longtitudinal AC Zeeman Direction

3. 240 measurements /second.

Ideal optimisation of Zeeman operation for each element, allowing automated 12 element,150 sample operation.

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Configurable magnetic field from 0.6 to 1.1 Tesla. This allows better sensitivity by adjusting the magnetic field to suit the element. Field strength can range from 0.6 to 1.1 Tesla.

Automated 8 lamp turret for simplified multi-element analysis.

Self aligning furnace tubes for easy change-out.

Electronic Sample Viewing (ESV) camera allows easy visual observation of sample injection. The ESV also allows viewing of the critical heat ramp up to 120 Deg C to ensure even slow heat-up without steam bubbles forming.

Electronic positioning of probe for correct deposition of sample drop.

Selectable standards presentation with:

1. Insertion of external made up standards

2. Autosampler preparation of required stanadard concentrations from stock stanadard solution.

Gold plated furnace contacts for reproducable furnace firing conditions.

Transversely heated pyrolytically coated graphite tubes.


Various metals at PPB/PPT levels or alternatively as characteristic mass.

Ideal for low level metals in difficult matrices such as blood,urine,brine,soil etc.


Magnetic Field Setting
0.6 - 1.1 Tesla
Extended 333mm focal length
0.2-2.0nm in 0.1nm steps
Background Correction
Longitudinal Zeeman at 240 /sec
Furnace Heating
Transverse heating
Temp. Range
Ambient -2,700 Deg C
Mains water or reciculated
Sample Capacity
150 samples

Zeeman AA Spectrophotometer
Zeeman AA Spectrophotometer
Zeeman Autosampler
Zeeman Autosampler

Zeeman Furnace Camera
Zeeman Furnace Camera

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Chromium in Tomatoes

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